Brandy's 'Human' album cover (and more...)

Hotness! Simple, but effective and rather striking. I'm getting a Jean Grey / Phoenix X-Men vibe from this. Maybe it's the photoshopping, the weave and the "I can make serious shit happen" pose Brandy's giving in front of what looks like fire. But it's giving me Jean Grey vibes. I love it! The hottest album cover Brandy's done thus far. The Phoenix thing actually makes sense. Brandy coming back from her failed relationship's, dealing with all that shit with Ray J and 'that car incident'.

Now for some bad news. There have been many reports floating around about Human possibly getting pushed back. This conflicts with many retailers still listing November 11 as a release date for the album and Brandy informing listeners in a radio interview she did a few years ago that Human is on track for November 11. But fans and music news lovers have been speaking for weeks on Brandy's album releasing bang in the middle of Pink, Beyonce, Britney and Ciara's long awaited albums; all of which will kill Brandy's album in sales. So news of a possible pushback is no surprise. Part of me hopes it's kind of true. As I'd want Brandy to have her moment to shine on all fronts: with a chart topping single follwed by a hot album which gains commercial and critical success. But at the same time I want this album as soon as possible, as it's been 4 years since Brandy released a studio album. Plus, Brandy would struggle to push Never say never units even if she was to release her album at a time when there was no heavyweight competition - so she may as well just release the damn thing in November.

In more Human news, the album will feature a track titled "Human" and it's confirmed to have been co-written by Brandy herself and produced by Munich born producer Toby Gad. Along with the song "Torn down" which was produced by Midi Mafia and in demand songwriter James Fauntleroy who is responsible for penning songs such as Usher's "Will work for love", Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown's duet "No air" and Chris Brown & Keri Hilson's duet "Superhuman".

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  1. When would she push it back to? That's a big key in me caring whether or not she's pushes it back. If it's later in the year, then I really wouldn't mind, but if it's sometime next year, then I might cry. :(

    She's need to just go ahead and release the damn thing in November! I need to hear this!

  2. Brandy will do fine. And the talk of it being pushed back was because Timberland called up and said that he wanted to work on it. Brandy is not going to struggle. She is back, and her album will sells fine.

  3. The album is not getting pushed back. November 11th is still the date.


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