Music video: BoA - Eat you up (Version B)

What a boring arse video! The only wholly positive thing I can say about it is that BoA looked really sexy during the non dance scenes. She was working the HELL out of that pony tail and eye make-up look. But the video was just boring to watch. The special effects also looked cheap. There special effects were badly super imposed. Diane Martel more often than not gives ladies some hot videos. When I think of the stunning videos she did for Mariah Carey's "The roof" and Ciara's "Promise" and "Like a boy" - I'm almost shocked that she directed this shit for BoA. It felt like it was done by numbers; almost as though BoA's people had said to Diane: "Make her dance with some n***'as, look hood and also look sexy every now and then. F**k the narrative and creativity!"

Both versions A and B of the music video are just okay to me. Between the 2 there are barely enough elements to make 1 decent video! But overall, Version B was most definitely better. It at least had some impact. I think it's a shame that more wasn't done to give the videos a sense of narrative and to have the visuals tie in with the song. I think having had BoA do a Britney Spears "Toxic" and "Womanzier" style music video would've been better. Having BoA work different looks and over power her man bitches would've been a pretty cool idea. She definitely should've been hooked up with Dave Meyers or Joseph Khan: 2 guys who I think could've given BoA a hot looking video.

BoA's US debut single and first major English language release "Eat you up" is now available on iTunes. Bitch don't stand a chance with Britney, Beyoncé, T.I, Rihanna and Pink all battling it out in the top 10 on the downloads chart.

See the other one: "Eat you up" music video (Version A)
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  1. The video was very underwhelming...hell even I could do a better job!

    I thought the sections where she was alone in that black dress and hair down were awful. She looked skinny, uncomfortable and much older. Going from her looking young with the dances to that scene were awkward.

    Plus I don't see the point of the whole 'tower' zooming in and out, it had little to do with the rest of the video!

    Version B is much better, shame that the western public won’t get to see it! Thanks for sharing (again) :-)

  2. Again. I agree with you 100%! Version B wasn't brilliant, but it was a much better video. Having BoA try to work the B-boy look and those moves was not a good look. I don't know why there was an insistance on having her dance all 'urban'. BoA looks much more confident and natural doing her bog standard "1 and 2 and 3 and 4!" Britney style steps. She looked as though she could barley dance in this video, when those who've seen her shit in the past know she can. This was not a good showcase of BoA and the wrong video to service to western audience. It should've been Version B all the way!

    I guess thanks to the wonders of things such as YouTube, fan-sites and blogs: that if folk in the West get curious about BoA, they can always find it the Version B video. We sure as hell did! :)


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