Beyoncé's AOL sessions live

The audio and visual in these vids of Beyoncé's recent AOL session are out of sync, but still watchable and enjoyable. If I manage to find vids which are in sync, I'll update this post. But until then...

If I were a boy

Single ladies (Put a ring on it)

Hotness!! I love the little changes that are made with each performance of "If I were a boy". It keeps me watching each performance of the song all the way through. And as for "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)", I love this song even more now. I cannot get enough of that dance. I love it! Say what you will about Beyoncé, but there's no denying she's one heck of a performer. Chicks like Mariah and The Forehead wish they arses could do what B do on stage.


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