Britney's performance on Star academy in France

Pretty much the same as her Bambi awards performance, only I think her Babmi performance was better. As before, the set looked great and the mix of the song was hot. But Britney's outfit looked like some somebody stapled a red bed cover to her breast. She should've ripped that shit off. If she had it would've been the most entertaining aspect of the performance aside from the dancers and set which were doing every she wasn't - captivating the audience. I know Britney has gone through some shit, but surely she could do better than this. Britney did not own that stage like she was 10 years deep in the game. It's a shame that the girl who used to own every stage she was on has resulted to this. That break down done messed her up worse than I thought. It took the swagger out of her. She lost the swagger when she lost the hair. I stay hopeful that Britney will get her groove back though.