Music video: BoA - Eat you up (Version A - alternate edit)

Two versions of BoA's "Eat you up" music video clearly wasn't enough, because now we have a third. It's not an all new video mind you. Just a re-tweak of the superior version A video.

Still boring. Somebody thought additional scenes of BoA sitting on a chair looking bored stiff woul dmake for a better video. It doesn't. But I can see what was trying to be done though: Include shots of sexy BoA, to show she can look every bit the temptress and rock a look that doesn't involve baggy clothes, hoodies and Chuck Taylors. It didn't help much, because the video is still as dry as toast. The concept is a boring (How many Flashdance inspired videos are we going to get!?), the pacing is off and the video is just too monotonous. And then you have the song, which like the video is dry and monotonous.

See the other versions of this video: Version A | Version B
What's to come from BoA's english debut: A snippet of "I did it for love"


  1. The additional scenes with the chair look so out of place - almost like a fan filming herself then inserting bits of her singing into the offical vid. It didn't work on any level.

    BoA did look good though, why didn't they use the 'chair' element for her up coming single - I Did it for Love? It could work there with the beat and everything.


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