Music video: Girls generation - Gee (Dance version)

Girls' generation (aka SNSD) had their music video for their single "Gee" touch down a while back. But now a dance version has surfaced. It's basically the entire routine of the girls in the shop from start to finish with no edits or cuts in-between.

The constant tracking in and out throughout the video was giving me a headache. Plus there were shots where I could see the actual tracks on the floor. The video could've been edited better, but it wasn't released as the main video - so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Tiffany (the chick in the dark jeans and red shoes) was working it OUT! She didn't have much to work with considering that routine was some bullshit, but she sold it to me. She's my favourite member based on her performance in the music video and how correct she was looking in those jeans and shoes. She wouldn't be able to dance again after I'm done with her.

Watch it: The main version of the "Gee" music video


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