A picture of The Forehead, post beatdown

Rihanna after the beatdownChris Brown definitely took her down and showed him want a man's about. Well...his definition of a man clearly. Because no decent man would raise his hand to a woman unless she was running at him to kill him. The Forehead looks a complete mess. Her face looks like Chris Brown did the choreography to "Kiss kiss" all over it in a pair of Golf shoes.

Chris Brown is said to be really sorry and shit, along with seeking guidance from his father (wife beating status unknown) and a pastor - but no apology is going to cut it. He may as well not bother. You apologize to somebody for accidently bumping into them or stepping on their foot. There's nothing you can do after beating up a woman. Nothing. No apology is going to mean shit, because Chris shouldn't have hit Rihanna in the first place.

Chris is currently looking for a publicist to help salvage the wreckage that is now his career. I'll actually be dissapointed if he still manages to maintain a career after this, because if a dude can beat down a woman he supposedly loved and still have a career, then there's nothing that can kill a career - and we're indeed in dark times. I see a foresee crack, a failed marriage which fell apart due to crack and the beating of his wife, and the leaking of some crack head sex orgy which features Chris and a couple of crack hoes in his future.

As a result of all this, Good girl gone bad has seen an increase in sales. Hardly surprising. Then you got "Disturbia". Talk about the writing being on the wall. The Forehead is in Disturbia herself as we speak and Chris was the one who left her there. The irony being he actually wrote that song himself.

The Forehead will probably continue on with putting an album out this year, because the show must go on. Plus, most artists tend to put out their best work in the midst of a personal crsis. She'll probably also put in an appearance on Oprah. You know Oprah has already e-mailed Rihanna's management.


  1. That's so f**ked up. And I'm so sick of reading these comments from his fans talking about how they still support him and saying shit like "we only know one side of the story" bullshit. As far as I'm concerned, there is only one side of the story, and we can see the result of it in that picture right there. There is NO reason whatsoever for Chris to have done that, unless like you said, she was about to kill him herself, which we would have heard about already, so you know that's not the case.

  2. I always thought his career could go two ways... His fans would either be disgusted and shun him, given the majority of his fans are girls and probably check for The Forehead's music too. Or they'd justify it and be so sprung off of how "fine he is" and how good he can dance, that they'd stick by him.

    Right is right and wrong is wrong, and what Chris Brown did to The Forehead was plain wrong. He shouldn't have a career after this. If this was Japan, dude would be blacklisted from the entertainment game indefinitely. But if Jive records see Chris can still somehow sell records, then they'll stick by him. Jive are no strangers to potentially career destroying scandals: just look at R. Kelly. Jive won't drop anybody if they can still sell records and make money. They pimped out R. Kelly and pimped Britney, you best believe they'll milk Chris Brown if he can still sell a record after this mess.

    If you or me was to beat up a woman at work, we'd get sacked. It should be the same for Chris Brown: straight up dismissal and termination of his record contract. But it's more about money than morals and justice in the music game. If you can still make money, you get to stick around. Chris should do time and lose his career over this. But he'll probably get a few hours community service, a slap on the wrist and a #1 hit record in a few months time.

  3. Yeah you're probably right about that. I can't imagine anybody, especially females, supporting him after this, but you know there will always be those fans that think this is all somehow Rihanna's fault. With pictures like that as evidence, it's sad but probably true that all he will get is some bs sentence.

    I didn't really read the story, but I read a headline that Rihanna still might consider going back to him. I hope that's just some crazy rumor because that would be a classic case of domestic abuse where the girl keeps going back. I don't know if Chris Brown would ever do anything like this again, but clearly he's already done it once, who's to say it wouldn't happen again? Hopefully Rihanna isn't that stupid.


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