The Bajan pigeon (aka Rihanna) preps her 6th studio album

Word on Rihanna's 6th studio album | News
The Bajan pigeon aka The Forehead aka Ronald McDonald's hollaback break off aka Rihanna is already working on her follow up to the worldwide successful Loud. And this new album is quite possibly dropping in December. This should comes as no surprise to anybody, as we know The Bajan pigeon keeps the albums rolling out annually - with gaps in-between singles from old albums and debut singles from new albums being so short that you don't know what album her singles are from.

Rihanna has already hit the studio with Calvin Harris, who is rumoured to have dibs on the lead single from the new as of yet to be titled set. And The pigeon is due to head back into the studio with The Runners, following the success of "Cheers (Drink to that)" which they had produced. The Bajan pigeon will undoubtedly head back into the studio with Stargate and Sandy Vee. And Ester Dean rolling back into the mix wouldn't be all that far fetched given how she was all over Loud and has had that hit train rolling full steam ahead since "Rude boy".

I can't say I'm eagerly awaiting this album, as I find the Bajan pigeon's albums to be flashes in the pan. It's always about the singles, which I often get sick of. But the singles are always correct when they first touch down. So I will keep my ear to the ground for this new single. I've not liked anything Calvin Harris has released recently. The last song he had a hand in which I liked was Kylie Minogue's "Too much". Everything else since then has been doo-doo. But we know Def Jam will not let this ho roll out a single unless it's hot like the in-between of her legs. And if Calvin doesn't come correct, then they'll throw a cheque at somebody who can.


  1. it's probably just gonna be the re-release of loud though.

  2. I'm replacing the name "Rihanna" with "Bajan pigeon" on my iTunes.

    Moi: *points to my iPod* Gurl is the Bajan pigeon ~ woop woop!
    Gurlfuren: (O_o)?

  3. haha funny, but you're late now she got brown hair LOL ;D
    She's gonna switch up her sound though like she always does so it won't be as boring as Beyonce.


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