Angela Aki's new album, new tour and new child

Angela Aki's new album, new tour and new child | News
The next 6 months are about to get mad busy for Angela Aki. Not only does she have a new single due for release (the AMAZING "Tsugaru kaikyo fuyugeshiki"), but she has her 5th studio album White slated for release later this month, an arena tour in December AND she's pregnant - with her baby due in February. Looks like Beyonce has competition. Because Angela Aki has not backed out of this tour for SHIT! And she'll be as big as a house and have her water breaking like a dodgy sink pipe by then. If Angela Aki so much as registered on the amazonian empresses radar, you can bet a 5 dollar wig that Beyoncé would announce her 4 world tour to shut her down and show how heavily pregnant bitches REALLY hustle.

Angela Aki's 5th studio album White releases on September 25th. And she will perform at the Nippon Budokan for her Nippon Budokan POWER OF MUSIC ~All request special~ the day after Christmas day. Cannot wait!

I decided to grace this post with the above picture of Angela, because that right there is the only way she's going to be able to get up and down from that piano stool for her gig in December. It will be as ungraceful as hell. She'll wish she cancelled her performance. It will be amazing. Haters will have no choice but to sit down.

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  1. hahaha Although Angela may not pussy pop and go into convulsions all over the stage, I enjoy her live performances. They're usually pitch perfect, and engaging. And I challenge Beyonce to write a song or play the piano like Angela can. haha The picture is so fitting because her legs are wide open, and by the looks of a bitch will be hitting those high notes on stage when she goes into labor. Haha I would think being that they're pregnant they would want to take it easy.


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