Aubrey Ho'Day on MTV cribs

MTV kicked it with Aubrey Ho'Day for a session of MTV Cribs. I didn't know this show was still going! But it seems it is. I'm assuming it was shot before Aubrey got booted from Danity Kane. Either that or Aubrey is making like she's still in the group to avoid complications and questions.

I thought Aubrey was going to do a Mariah Carey in that hot tub for a hot minute. I'm surprised she didn't.

Aubrey's weave looked a mess as it always does. Yet she mentioned letting her hair blow with the drop top down. Nobody wants to walk along the street and see that tangled mess flapping in the wind. She has the money to buy her dog designer clothes, yet she can't get herself a decent weave. What is it with these white chicks with money and ragged weaves!? There's no excuse I tells ya. NO excuse.

Aubrey's house was boring. It looked like she'd moved in 30 minutes before the camera crew arrived. There was just nothing to it. And like mother like daughter: Aubrey's mum looked like she used to turn a trick back in her day. I mean, c'mon. Kandy!? Half the strippers in the western hemisphere are named Kandy.

I still love Aubrey though. She's my bitch. Danity Kane were done the day she was chucked out of the group. Because honestly, she was the only one in that group who got any form of publicity, media coverage and that bloggers bothered to blog on. I don't see Dawn 'Uncle Deji' Richards, Aundrea, D 'I'm try-na act like my birth name ain't Wanita' Woods or Man face Shannon on no MTV cribs.


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