BoA performs "I did it for love" @ MTViggy

B.Oa went and stunk up the stage with that dry arse performance. Listening to BoA try and sing through "I did it for love" was like listening to one of the Queen's speeches on BBC - boring and lifeless. The only aspect of the 'performance' that was tight was how B.Oa was looking - hot. The singing, that crusty dance routine and the lack of energy was just fail, fail, fail - something B.Oa seems to be full of lately.


  1. It looks weird seeing BoA sing a line then the backing track singing the next, it's like her voice isn't strong enough to carry the whole song....

    But I do give her credit for getting herself out there; Utada should be performing live on MTV, it'd look great for her sales and all. Yet nothing, I'd love to hear a live performance of 'Come Back to Me'. I'd love to turn on GMTV one morning and see her being interviewed. Oh well, maybe one day.

  2. Because of the way the song is arranged, she wouldn't be able to sing the entire thing live - hence her leaving it up to the backing track during certain parts.

    I think it sucks Hikaru isn't being promoted more, but it's how it goes! Def Jam don't have time for any artist but Rihanna. They shafted Janet Jackson, messed up with Mariah's last album, didn't push Ne-Yo's - so Hikaru was always going to get a bum deal. I wonder why they bothered signing her in the first place.

    I've always thought Hikaru could be big in the UK, and across Europe. Exodus could've done well here. "You make me want to be a man" had the potnetial to be a HIT here, but Def Jam did nothing.

    This is the one is going to just fade and end up getting no follow up singles, just like Exodus. A shame, because the album has SERIOUS hit potential worldwide.


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