Jordin's "Ave Maria"

American idol 5 winner Jordin Sparks has her own YouTube channel, in which she's been uploading some stuff to keep fans occupied. Her most recent upload is a cover of Beyondroid's "Ave Maria".

"Ave Maria" isn't a song I listen to on I am... Sasha Fierce, but it is a nice song on which the Beyondroid sounds great. Having said that, I do prefer Jordin's version. It's more low key and mellow, where-as the Beyondroid's is much more operatic. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The Beyondroid going all operatic is stunning, but there's only so many times you can listen to a song ofer doing it. Jordin absolutely killed those last high notes.

Jordin is currently working on her sophomore album. Her debut had some great songs on it, so I'll be checking out her follow up for sure.

I can't listen to "No air" anymore. Everytime I do I hear that voice in my head singing another set of lyrics...
When you punch me in my neck, there's no air
Knee me all up in my stomach, no air
N***a why you gots to pull on my hair!?
My hair, my hair!

N***a why you gotta beat down on me
You know you wouldn't be shit without me
No mention of Chris Brown without Ri
So there! So there!
The Forehead should record that for a mixtape. If she does, she best give a shout out to me for the lyrics.


  1. Those lyrics are brilliant and hilarious!!! It's definitely better than "No Air", which I think is one of the most corniest songs and video to come out in some time. But Jordin has a nice voice though. I think the hottest song on her album was "Freeze".

  2. Those lyrics are awesome.

  3. This is why this is one of the best blogs. Comedy!
    J, you're hilarious!

    I just wish u could update the site much more regularly :)


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