Music video: Super Junior - Sorry, sorry (Dance version)

As Girls generation did with their "Gee" video, Super Junior has released a dance version of their "Sorry sorry" music video: which shows the main dance routine from start to finish with no cuts or edits. I'm not sure why though. We could easily just watch a live performance of the song to get the idea.

The dancing looked better than it did in the final edit. The good sections seemed to have been cut. But the dancing is still whack and looked nowhere near as hot as it did when the choreographer did the routine himself. It just looked messy and ragged. What makes a routine look hot regardless of whether it's something really simple or something complex; is syncronicity. And Super Junior had very little of that. They may as well have just freestyled and done what they liked. Plus the way they carried off the routine was cheesy. The only member of Super Junior that looked like they were feeling the routine and put some swagger into it was the fat one.

The boys are lucky they looked good in the video and that "Sorry, sorry" is that crack.


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