Oh, Ciara...

Ciara's bullshit 'Fantasy ride' album coverDespite all of the debacle concerning Fantasy ride up until this point, I'm still shocked at how things concerning this album just keeping turning into more of a mess. What is this shit my eyes are being subjected to!? This cover looks horrid! It's a prime example of how not to Photoshop. It looks awful. This shit is down there with Britney's Blackout album cover.

The previously revealed album cover for Fantasy ride wasn't the best, but at least Ciara looked hot on it. The whole cornrows and hard faced look ain't doing it for me. She looks like she's ready to pick up a wrench and change a tyre. And then that nasty background, the font and the shit all around her body. No! Ciara needs to change this, and then tell us this was a not so elaborate April fools.

Tracklists for Fantasy ride have been floating around for weeks. I'm indenial that any of them are even remotely real, because none of them feature "We can get it on" and that right there is a jam I need in my life in full. Danja should've done her whole damn album. Every song he's produced for Ciara has been hotness. But in true Danja fashion his songs will either get left off of the finalized tracklist, the good ones that made the cut won't get released as singles even though they really should have been, or the album will bomb commercially.

Ciara's situation is just ridiculous. A stupid amount of leaks, the hotness that was "High price" being scrapped as a single, 2 singles which did nothing on the charts or in the clubs, and now bullshit album covers. Ciara's being punk'd to the maximum. She deserves better than this.

Ciara's also talking about embarking on a world tour when she's done supporting Britney on her Circus tour. Good luck to her. Home girl can't even get her shit together for an album let alone a world tour. I'm keen to see how much Fantasy ride sells, given her last 2 albums produced some decent first week figures.


  1. The artwork (I use that word loosely) looks pretty tacky. She should have at least been actually wearing something instead of being wrapped up in that amateur looking whatever the hell that is. The background buildings look pretty cool, but that's it.

  2. She also has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much makeup on 0_0.


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