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Ciara sexing it upThe image on the left is taken from the album inlay. It would've made a decent album cover. Certainly a better on than that cheap looking, badly photoshopped shit she went with.

You know that half decent looking cover which had a boring but hot shot of Ciara? Peeps in the UK and Japan will be getting that as an album cover. (All my UK and Japanese people's put'cha hands up!! Awww yeah!) Whilst everybody else will get that nasty shit. (Shame!!) We also get "Echo" as a bonus track, whilst everybody else gets nada. Not that much of an issue in this day and age. Given how bonus tracks are so easy to get a hold of thanks to ze internetz. Most folk who are on Ciara probably have a version of it already. But still. It's dumb it was relegated to a bonus track when it shits on half the songs that made the cut for the standard worldwide tracklist.

I heard the final version of "Work" today and all I can say is that Jive best put it out as a single.


  1. Even with Missy on Work it's still the shit! And Danja changed up just enough to make it worth listening to again! He seriously killed that shit. Funny how I expected him to change stuff on Turntables and he didn't and I didn't expect him to change anything on Work and he did. She needs to drop this as a single real talk.

  2. I'm gonna be waiting on that album review, J. :)


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