BoA and Crystal do it again

BoA will be returning the favour to Crystal Kay by appearing on her next single "Girlfriend". It will be Crystal's new single to mark her 10th anniversary in the music biz and will also act as the insert song for the Japanese release of He's just not that into you. I wonder what the deal was with "Over and over" then... Will it or will it not be a single now? The mind boggles!

I love Crystal, and hate and love BoA in equal measure. But I can't say I'm looking forward to this song. It sounds like a case of a hot beat, Crystal coming correct, but BoA just ruining the whole thing. I HATED "Universe" with a passion. I can count on one hand how many times I listened to that song. Here's a clue. It was Crystal 23rd

I'm hoping Crystal swags so much and puts down so much vocal layering and harmonies on the full song that she drowns BoA like a sack of kittens tied to a cinder block in the river Thames. I really do not like BoA's voice on certain songs. She sounds like a Teletubby on helium.

Watch it and weep: BoA, Crystal and Verbal stink up a stage


  1. LOL! I figured as much. I had the same thoughts as you when I first read about the collaboration. I hope they push Over and Over as a single as well as the this song. I'll be upset if Over and Over is put on the backburner.

    And isn't BoA supposed to be in America?? Why is she always in Japan?

  2. Why isn't BoA is damn Korea let alone Japan! It's like she's had no serious activity or releases over there in ages. That's her home country! She should be giving them more than she has been. It's like she's shunned her career over there in favour of Japan entirely. It's probably for the best at this time though. There's a bunch of chicks (solo and groups) doing the damn thing in Korea right now, and doing it better than BoA would.

    I say she takes a break and then comes back in a year or so. Preferably with something decent.


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