Brandy live in London

Brandy performed a gig at London o2 arena's mini live venue the Indigo2 and I've got a bunch of videos of the performances waiting for you. Brandy fans do not wanna miss this. Brandy brings that fire in a way I didn't think she even could...

Love the chick. She hadn't sung anything, yet already she had me going giddy. She looks amazing. That hair style really suits her, and she's looking mad kinky, yet classy in that off shoulder shit and the long leather glove.

Proceed on to see B-Rocka rock the house and give a bunch of what have to be her most on point performances to date.

Torn down (live @ the Indigo2)
I wanted to highlight "Torn down" first because I love the song, and Brandy's only performed it a couple of times as opposed to the likes of "Right here (Departed)" and "Long distance". It's a shame this wasn't made a single. It's one of the few songs on Human that sticks out as a single choice. I love Human, but even the stans have to admit: it's not an album which has glaringly obvious single choices.

Almost doesn't count (Live @ the Indigo2)
I love hearing Brandy sing this song now because her vocals sound so much richer and heart felt than they did when she first recorded it at 19. I always loved "Almost doesn't count", but love it more now having heard this rendition of it. The lyrics also carry a great deal more weight given Brandy is now a woman and can probably relate to the song more now than she could back when. It certainly comes through in her delivery.

What about us? (Live @ the Indigo2)
"What about us?" was a song that took me a while to get into. The beat was so different to everything else on radio at the time that it took a while for it to register with me. The bounce was so off kilter and the song sounded so random. But the more I listened to it, the more I fell for it, and the more I latched onto the rhythm. Brandy was way ahead of her time with this song. And despite it not being the deepest and most vocal challenging of songs, Brandy still manages to make it pop and sing the hell out of it live.

Afrodisiac / Who is she 2 u (Live @ the Indigo2)
Jesus. Them vocals. So rich. The way she was working the first lead into the chorus damn near made me touch myself. That "You fulfill my....every desire" was so damn sexy. "Afrodisiac" is timeless. One of Brandy and Timbaland's best. It stays on my 'Heavy rotation' playlist on my iPod and gets played with the upmost regularity. It's a shame it wasn't a bigger hit and that it wasn't made the lead single off of the album. It was the perfect single. The same goes for "Who is she 2 U". I'm scared to bump the song too loud in my car because the drums knock so damn hard.

Her swagger in this performance was on point. This is the first time I've seen Brandy perform these songs and sing them live. Whenever Brandy had performed "Afrodisiac" and "Who is she 2 U" in the past, she always mimed. It's good to know from a fan standpoint that Brandy has IT, and never lost it. It's funny how Brandy's vocals and looks exude much more sexiness in this live performance of "Afrodisiac" than the album version of the song and the music video where she was frolicking her chicken legs in a bikini.

Brandy & Never say never medley (Live @ the Indigo2)
She threw it back! Even back in 1994 Brandy was planting the seeds for timeless records. "I wanna be down" and "Best friend" still sound hot 15 years on. It goes without saying she done made the songs sound better with this live performance. She could re-record her first 2 albums, put them out, and I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Her vocal game as it stands now colour her old songs in such an amazing way.

I wanted to go to this gig SO badly, but I had no damn money. Pissed!! I'm glad Brandy got such a warm reception in London. It's re-affirmation nobody forgot about her and that she still has a leigon of London dwelling fans (Meeeeee!!) Hopefully she'll be back again soon. With any luck, this has given Brandy the confidence to want to tour. She looks and sounds better now than she ever did.

The world needs to know that there are chicks like Brandy in the game today: who can sing and bring substance to the table without resorting to auto-tune, weave thrashing and teaming up with which ever random producer is hot at any given time. Brandy is the truth. I just hope she doesn't lose the will and passion to continue doing music given how she struggles to push units these days. She's like a fine arse wine: she just gets better with time.

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  1. Her voice is timeless. She doesn't get the airplay or credit that lesser artists get and it sickens me, but what can you do besides keep supporting her. But I do agree, with regards to Human, there wasn't much there as far as singles are concerned.

    The chorus in "Afrodisiac" is like crack. I keep rewinding and her voice is so rich, it's like Dove Chocolate!!! One of my favorites from her entire catalogue (among others from that album).

    It's a shame you couldn't be there. That would have been awesome and I know you would have gotten pics! That performance of "Torn Down" actually made me like the song better. She sounded on point. And I've said it before when you posted a video of her singing "Almost Doesn't Count" live and I'll say it again. Her voice from back when she first sang this doesn't even compare to how it is now. It's so layered and rich, like cake! Where am I getting all these food references?

    Anyway, thanks for the post J! :)


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