The memoirs of an imperfect angel

Mariah's titty makes an appearance in her 'memoirs'. Damn right she ain't no perfect angel.Mariah's named her new album. And it's called Memoirs of an imperfect angel. Damn right she's imperfect. Walking out with her nipple showing, wearing some shit that looks like she picked it up off of the floor of a Primark.

I kinda like the album title, but kinda don't. On one had it's cool, on the other hand it's like she tried to hard with it. She weren't ever gonna top E=MC². That was a really cool album title which made immediate sense and needed no explaination to those who were up on The emancipation of Mimi. An album title like Memoirs of an imperfect angel needs music that's going to be deep. I'm talking DEEP. But we all know Mariah can't do heartfelt songs. The deepest song Mariah's done has been "Side effects" and the fanga snapping, hood step, club synths and a verse from Young Jeezy stripped that shit right away. The album title could end up changing though. It's not like it's releasing next week. And we all remember the That chick fiasco with the last album.

Mariah twittered that she's been in the studio with Mr. Fall off himself, Timbaland. 6 years ago I would've been excited to have heard this. But n***a has been falling off since FutureSex/LoveSounds. I bet it wasn't even Timbaland she was in the studio with. It was probably Hannon Lane, somebody from the Royal court or even Rob Knox. But between the beats out of the speakers sounding so Timbo-ish, the lighting in the studio being so bad and Mariah having on her Chanel shades - she couldn't tell the difference. Mariah's also been holed up in the studio with Jermaine Dupri: a dude I was hoping she'd kick to the curb for this album, because dude did not supply Mariah with the fire on E=MC². The only good song he gave her was "Thanx 4 nothin'". Bryan Michael-Cox has also done some stuff with Mariah, which I'm on the fence about. "Love story" was doo-doo. But "For the record" was blazing. I'm hoping he gives her something so hot it leaves me speechless. James Wright (the dude responsible for the hotness that was "Circles" on The emancipation of Mimi) has also cut a track with Mariah. Can't wait to hear what he's done for her, as "Circles" was my jam.

If I could have a wish list of people for Mariah to work with, it'd be: Danja ("Migrate" was hot, but Danja and Mariah together can come MUCH better), Rodney Jerkins (these two hooking up has been long overdue), Eric Hudson (The dude has yet to come out with a production I've not liked), Ryan Teddar (let's face it - she needs that big pop ballad, and Ryan can give it to her) and MIDI Mafia.

Mariah's album is set to drop this year! But it could just as easily be knocked back into 2010. I didn't think E=MC² wasn't as bad an album as everyone thought. I really enjoyed it, and played it a heck of a lot more than The emancipation of Mimi. The singles choices made that album to be worse than it was. Because let's face it - the singles and the timing of their releases were whack. "Migrate" should've been the first single, followed by "I'll be lovin' U long time", "Side effects", "I'm that chick" and "For the record". "Touch my body" was a cool single, but should've been double A-sided with something more substantial.

Mariah needs to come HARD with this new album. A stylist consultant and a reality check that she's not 20 anymore wouldn't go amiss neither.


  1. LMFAO at the image. And, we seem to be on the same page with collab requests. I need to listen to Emancipation to know what the hell you're referring to, though.

  2. Random J. "A stylist consultant and a reality check that she's not 20 anymore wouldn't go amiss neither".

    I couldn't agree more. She's an attractive woman, she just makes herself look silly and foolish by dressing like a teenager.


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