Music video: BoA - Eat you up (Version A - alternate edit)

This video looks like it was styled by somebody who loved and hated B.Oa in equal mesaure. And no. That person wasn't me. What the hell was with that 1970's blonde wig and sparkly suit bullshit!? It looked awful! As whack as this edit was, I actually prefer it to the final version A video. Which isn't saying much, considering how awful it was. It lacks the special effects, which looked cheesy anyway. We get to see BoA's hot legs and killer heels, and it was just more interesting to watch.

I'm shocked Diane Martel directed this video. She usually has ladies looking their best. Diane had Mariah looking her absolute finest in her music video for "The roof". And Diane gave Ciara some of her best music videos, which also transformed her from crunk girl into that of a sexy seductress with "Promise" and "Love Sex Magic".

The version B video still reigns though. It's just a shame more wasn't done with the concept. Because despite the video having some cool moments, it was boring overall. Plus the whole Flashdance homage has been done so many times now.

Watch the others: Version A | B | B (Alternate edit)
On that album: BoA album review
Hear the song a little differently: "Eat you up" official remix


  1. I got about 1.30 minutes into the video thinking; "What blonde wig? What are you on about *BoA suddenly appears with the atrocious blonde wig* O_O...oh, THAT blonde wig!"....Very sudden and unneeded.

    Just how many 'alternate edits' are we going to get for this song? I mean most singles only have like 2 videos (for different markets) but this is ridiculous.


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