Battle of the K-Pop girl groups on Music bank

K-Pop's most popular girl groups performed their most current and now overplayed singles on Music bank at the end of July. I would've loved to have been backstage during this show. There had to have been some diva tantrums, and an altercation or two. I would've stirred some shit right up between every girl group if I was working behind the scenes on this show. Bitches would've been burning each other with hair straighteners and throwing chairs and shit. I think I need to be moonlighting as a runner for KBS. There'd never be a dull moment.

Okay. Performance time!! Starting with the SNSD-bots: Girls' generation.

Girls generation - Tell me your wish (Genie)
I don't think there has been a single performance of this song that I've thought was solid. If it's not one thing it's another. These girls never sound 'great' live. But it's either a case of decent enough vocals, but iffy dancing. Or bad vocals and decent dancing. There just isn't that tightness to this group's live performances that you get with many of K-girl groups. And with so many girls on stage, they could do so much choreography wise. But instead half the group just sway their boney legs from left to right and force smiles. "Genie" is still my shit, but these live performances are truly a mess. They just have no energy to them whatsoever.


Kara - Mister & Wanna
I've tried to get into Kara, but I just can't. Their voices annoy me. They sound like the chipmunks on acid. And their songs are just dusty. Their performance of "Mister" was rubbish. There's something incredibly off putting about a stage of 5 girls who can't seem to work their hips and booty between themselves. They were swayin' their junk like they had a cinder block tied to it. "Wanna" was pretty good. Even better with the volume down. The performances felt too amateur-ish and it wasn't like they were performing great songs neither. The SNSD-bots performances of "Tell me your wish (Genie)" are crap. But at least they're being crap to a good song.

2NE1 - I don't care
There isn't much you can say about 2NE1's performances now. Tight. Hot. Everything on point. Bom still looks dead pan. Business as usual. I'm not as hot on "I don't care" as I was before. The song doesn't have as much lasting appeal as "Fire" or "Pretty boy" could do. But the girls still did good. Somebody needs to have words with Bom though. She's smiling more, but that's about it. CL and Minzy continue to outshine and Dara's stage presence continues to be on the rise.

4 minute - Hot issue (Remix)
This performance looked like a bunch of girls playing dress up in their best friends bed room and giving it the ol' 'singing into a hairbrush in front of a webcam for YouTube' performance. There was so much hair flicking that I think some of it caught me in my mouth. The performance wasn't bad. And I liked the remix of the song more than the original. But it just left no lasting impact. 4 minute look like a bastardized styled version of 2NE1, but without the cool factor. They aren't performing a song that's as good or as catchy as "Tell me your wish (Genie)". The girls don't looks as unified as Kara. And they don't have that effortless swag of Brown eyed girls. 4 minute just seem to be in complete limbo. They need to drop a new song that's hot, and be styled and choreographed so that they leave more of a lasting impression. Because I like 4 minute no more now than I did when their video for "Hot issue" debuted.

T-ara - Wanna play & Lies
Those outfits were nasty. They looked like bed wear from the 1900's. Weren't a damn thing sexy of slick about those threads. But it was certainly different. And made a change...I guess. The performance was pretty boring to watch. The vocals weren't utter shite and the whilst the dance steps weren't hot, they were clean and the girls all kept in time (which is more than what can be said for Girls' generation). But it was just so bland. The song wasn't bad though. It sounded like a softer version of the Wonder girls' "Nobody".

Brown eyed girls - Abracadabra
Brown eyed girls do it every time for me. It's like they don't even need to try and be bad ass. They just are. These girls show why they're the veterans amongst these K-Pop bitches. Sexy, dirty, but still a teeny bit sophisticated too. Not easy to pull off, but they manage to. J.A still comes off like dead weight, but lucky for her she has 3 other girls in the group who ooze enough bad-arsery, swagger and sexy to compensate for her lack of it.

It's going to be interesting to see if Korea's boy bands can keep up. Because at this rate, they are getting their territory over taken and dominated by the chicks on the scene. Ain't a damn thing wrong from where I'm sitting. I'd rather watch the girls do their thing on stage than the lads. More power to the ladies!!


  1. SNSD - I want to know what the hell happened at 1:56. Sounded like someone had just come back from being choked.

    KARA - I don't know about you Random J, but I'm actually starting to like KARA better than SNSD especially with the song, Wanna. That's a song they should try and do compared to Pretty Girl or Rock U. And they can sway their hips.

    2NE1 - Of course I'm all for 2NE1. Since Wonder Girls are in America, they have become my favourite group especially when you can see what they are like on YG Live. You're right about I don't Care not being as appealing as Fire or Pretty Boy, I would rather they perform that song too. I can't wait for their first album coming September/October though, should be HOT.

    4minute - I pretty much like them. But since they changed the choreography trying to do...who knows what. I wish they would release their mini album and promote another song that's worth listening too because I'm tired of listening to that song. Right now, it's all about AMOLED, Abracadbra and Wanna for me.

    T-ara/Tiara: Whatever their name is, they need to decide but you're right about the clothes.Personally they are growing on me, vocal-wise maybe because they can actually sing. But their song makes them seem really boring in my opinion.

    Brown Eyed Girls - When I heard Candy Man, I thought to myself that BEG wasn't going to come back strong. But with Abracadbra, they proved me wrong. That song is WILD and brings them up a level, I am glad.

    I hope next year will see the arrival of more boy groups cause I am hungry. The groups I love are 2PM, Big Bang, SHINee, DBSK and Super Junior really.


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