2NE1's reggae up "I don't care" on SBS Inkigayo

I was skeptical when I heard these girls did a reggae remix of "I don't care". Especially after their R&B mix of the song wasn't R&B a damn! But this was really, really hot. "I don't care" is a hot song, but it's charm didn't last as long as "Fire"'s did. This new remix has definitely put "I don't care" back into rotation for me. And I'm not the only one. Due to the overwhelming response from this remix, YG entertainment will release it digitally tomorrow.

The girls looked stunning! I'm not feeling Sandara's hair. They need to kill putting her shit up and let her keep her hair down. She looks MUCH hotter with it. And Boring Bom looks hot too. Her stylist still seems to refuse to put her in trousers or pants as though it's a criminal offense, but she at least looked nice, was style din line with the rest of the 2NE1 girls; as she often looks like the odd one out. Whenever I see tight fitting black asymmetrical tops I think of the Beyondroid and "Single ladies". I kept expecting CL to jump up and give it the ol' ♪ Woah, ho ho! ♪ and grind to the floor. Would've been nice if she did.


  1. It was a nice change and really relaxing.

    Park Bom looked beautiful as ever and so did my favourite, Minzy?

  2. That was lovely. They all sounded and looked so great!

    The level of class throughout this kind of shocked me, too.


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