BoA's "Bump Bump!" single covers

BoA's 'Bump Bump!' single cover artwork [CD] BoA's 'Bump Bump!' single cover artwork [CD + DVD]

BoA sports her new look on the covers of her single "Bump Bump!". I've said it enough times, but BoA is a photogenic hottie. She can't seem to take a bad picture. The new look is doing her a lot of justice. She's working the suits and the hat, the short hair really suits her, and the song "Bump Bump!" doesn't suck neither! It's rare BoA hits with something that I like every aspect of, but "Bump Bump!" is ticking all the boxes. It's a shame the same couldn't have been said for her English language debut. I'm pissed "Control" went to waste. Because it has to be one of the hottest songs that BoA has done. And with the right director and choreographer, she could have killed it in a music video and had some success with it. I would've loved to have heard it drop in a club. Oh well! Slave Master entertainment's loss. I guess they're whoring BoA in Japan like mad before Christmas to make up on the money they lost with that endeavour.

BoA records a song with Verbal and also has ANOTHER single due to drop at the end of this year. New Japanese album coming? More than likely.

The music video: BoA and Verbal go "Bump Bump!"


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