Bonus material: Ryan Tedder - Halo

Ryan Tedder - Halo
We all know that OneRepublic front man Ryan Tedder co-wrote and produced Beyoncé's hit song "Halo" right? Well, he had recorded the song himself. And I have it for you to listen to...

Listen: Halo

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Ryan Tedder is talent. You can't take that away from the dude. But his version of "Halo" kinda sucks. His voice doesn't suit it and he hits some of the notes weird. Beyoncé's version is far superior. Yeah, yeah, I know: Ryan's version was only a demo. But a demo can still sound hot and out-do the finalized version. Just look at "Battlefield". The song went to Jordin Sparks, but Ryan's version of it was much better and suited him more than it did Jordin.

I don't believe Beyoncé wrote "Halo" for a damn second. But I do believe that she produced the vocals, and for that I give her mad props. Because the way she puts it down on this song is pretty amazing - and that's not even up for debate. B kills it on "Halo". You don't realize just how much she brought to the song from a vocal stand point until the hear the song without her on it.


  1. Speaking of Ryan Tedder, Onerepublic's second single "Everybody loves me" is hot! I wish they would have released that as the first single.


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