Album art: Adam Lambert's For your entertainment

Album art: Adam Lambert's 'For your entertainment'Behold the International cover for Adam Lambert's debut album. Looks like the folk at RCA took note of how much better the single cover for "For your entertainment" was than the original album cover, and decided "F**k it. Colour that shit and make it the worldwide album cover".

I'm still not hot on the fonts and the text placement. But this is an improvement.


  1. Yeah, this picture is on the opposite side of the actual cover. I'm kind of jealous, because y'all are getting two extra songs on the international version, and based on what I've heard of "Voodoo", it's a hot song.

    You gotta give the original cover one thing though. Everytime I see it in stores, it's stick out like BAM!

  2. I love the original cover, but I love this one too: it's all good!

    Also you guys are lucky as regards Voodoo, I just heard it, it's an awesome awesome track.

    I still don't get how it wasn't on the album.

  3. Duuuuude, I just heard "Voodoo"! It's so awesome. It's currently on repeat. It's damn near mesmerizing.

    I hate when this happens. "Voodoo" could have easily replaced "Time for Miracles" or something else.


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