Christina Aguilera's Bionic album cover

Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic' album cover
Ooooooo, I like this. It's really striking. I reminds me a lot of Janelle Monáe's Metropolis album cover. I love the shot of Christina's face, and how she's done up. Very 1930's. I love the shot of her face so much, that I almost wish they'd done away with the whole bionic dealio. Although only seeing one half of it adds to hotness and mysteriousness. This will look great when it's blown up and put in shop windows and on billboards.

Christina Aguilera's 4th studio album has an official release date, which I think is safe to say will stick. Bionic will be released June 8. Bionic will feature production from Tricky Stewart, Polow da Don, Switch and of course Linda Perry amongst others. If the Switch in question is the same Switch who cuts tracks for M.I.A, then Damn! I shudder to think what his joints will end up sounding like.

I'm still not hyped for Aguilera's new album just yet. But this could all change depending on how I feel about her new single "Not myself tonight". I own Stripped and Back to basics, so I'll probabaly end up with Bionic somehow.


  1. That's hot.

    Speaking of Janelle Monae, you know she's got a new album coming out in May right? I can't wait to hear it. I'm loving what she's released so far.

  2. Yeah, The ArchAndroid or something like that I think it's called. I just hope it releases with no push backs or cancellations. I love "Tight rope".

  3. i gotta be fair i think this is the best album cover i've seen this year :P
    i'd buy the album just for the cover art lol im that stoopid lol
    I've heard the preview of "not myself tonight" and it sounds cool (ad way better than keeps gettin better) i hope this album gets a big push with some awsome big budget futuristic vids, I love that christina takes time between her albums and always comes back with something fresh.
    I loved her back to basics album too.
    Crazy to think that britney and christina came out at the same time and britneys released 6 albums to christinas 3 0_o lol hope they both do well with their upcomming albums ^_^ ramble over lol


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