Music video: Nivea - Love hurts

Nivea looks a ghetto trashed mess in this video. The video looks like it was filmed on somebody's Blackberry outside the house of a family who had gone on holiday. One of Nivea's home girls who babysits the kids of the family probably BB messaged her to let her know shit would be free for her to go shoot her mess music video. And having her baby's father (Yep, Lil' Wayne knocked this chick up too) look as though he's about to plough her on the kitchen top even though they ain't together looks real classy. I bet Lauren London was real happy with this one.

Nivea's career is a wrap. Being named after a face cream aside: she divorces The Dream whose career takes off literally as the papers file. Then she gets knocked up by Lil' Wayne and his career blows up as they break up. At least she got 2 rich n***a's babies. She'll be getting fat cheques for a good while.

It's a shame what happened to Nivea. I really liked "Don't mess with the radio" and "Don't mess with my man". And The Neptunes produced "Runaway" from her debut was a jam!


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