Woman hates on "Telephone" music video on the news

Is the music world really shocked, given that Lady Gaga has tread this ground before with her "Paparazzi" music video?

It's shit like this that just makes mountains out of mole hills. The whole "This is all we can show you of the music video crap" made out like the whole video is Lady Gaga in a motel with her legs open, and Beyonce sliding a telephone in and out of her, whilst Mr. T circles the house and does a drive by. But we know how the media works with things like this: show the bad shit to help push a point and add to the drama where there isn't any.

I guess this is to be expected. But I honestly thought "Telephone" was tame and not a big deal where the sexual explicitness was concerned. It's nothing we've not seen done to a greater extreme in a music video before. As for the kids, give them some credit. If a child wants to listen to Lady Gaga, watch her music videos and buy her CD, they will find ways to do that. Blackballing a bitch in a household won't work. I was watching Madonna's get her sex on in "Justify my love" and watching her kiss a n***a Jesus and dance in front of a burning cross before I was a teen and it didn't poison me (at least I don't think it did!)

Lady Gaga is all about spectacles and pushing buttons. And I guess this is affirmation that she's succeeded. Love it or hate - "Telephone" is more than a success.


  1. It's people like them that makes me angry. It's just a video. For cry-aye, music videos don't make the world go round, and kids don't need to watch that. If she is so uppity about it, then turn your head around and shut the hell up!!!

    And those are my feelings on that situation... <=)


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