Music video: Ciara - Basic instinct (You got me)

I hope this shit ain't on the album, because it sounds like a whack version of The Forehead's "Hard". And ain't a damn thing catchy about it. The song's a mess. It could have worked if there was some actual structure to the song. But it's just 2 minutes of nonsense rapping and then 2 minutes of weaker than usual singing. The lyrics weren't even that good. Fans say Ciara went in hard, when the only thing she went into this song hard with is her bottom lip. Ciara may tell me to take my blog post, shove it, and then direct me to this song. But I don't care. This song is garbage. And so is the video. There's hood and keepin' it real. And then there's rubbish and cheap. The whole time I was checking this out I was thinking "What the hell is this shit!?" Ciara should have left this song and the music video is the same refuse tyre yard she filmed it in.

I want to believe Basic instinct is gonna be a hot album, but this *points to the whack video* along with the songs that have leaked so far are making it hard for me. I like "Ride", but I'm already beginning to get tired of it now. I'm just praying Ciara didn't do a whole album with Tricky and The Dream, and that Danja and Brian Kennedy managed to get a look in - because their joints were the highlights of Fantasy ride and The evolution (which I thought was a bloody hot album) respectively.


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