Music video: Beni - Crazy girl

Dayum. I had no idea Beni had it like that! Way to go Beni. I see homegirl has been watching MTV USA and peeping that music video game in South Korea. Because this is unlike anything Beni's done before. We usually get her walking around crack den looking bedrooms and sitting on stools and suitcases. Now we get her baring her midriff with feather whips and working her booty in skirts and heels. Bitch really is trying to make those sales and get that money.

The dancing could have been a bit better and the fast cutting felt a bit much at times. But as stale as the routine was, it was still more than I expected to see Beni pull off. And she looked hot to death. Those Japanese guys were gettin' it in the back. Actually gettin' it.

It's such a shame that nobody cared about this song, because it had the potential to do big things. It's catchy, it's on trend and it's just a bloody good song. Crystal needs to show me what she's going to do to shame Beni, because her home-girl is making her look a bit weak right now.


  1. I like... a lot. My crush on BENI's growing with every new video.


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