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Beni's MTV Unplugged set - releases on May 23rd | Beni

Beni is running through these releases like a trick on heat. Beni's approach seems to be of that of 'striking whilst the iron is still hot'. Ever since Lovebox hit the top of the Oricon charts, Beni's not stopped with the tours and releases. Within 10 months of Lovebox came Jewel, which was quickly followed up with Fortune. Not even 10 minutes after Fortune dropped, there was her Covers album. And with Covers still holding within the top 20 of the Oricon album charts, comes an MTV Unplugged set.

  1. Stardust
  2. Memory memory
  3. Dakishimete
  4. Mou Nido to... | Koi kogarete | Sign | Zutto Futari de (medley)
  5. Kiss kiss kiss
  6. Darlin'
  7. Sakurazaka
  8. Hitomi wo tojite
  9. Suki dakara
  10. Kira☆Kira☆
  11. Unmei no hito

This tracklist is boring as hell. No "Yura yura", no "Gimme gimme♥" (even though they be the same song), no "The first time", no "See you again". Where "Crazy girl" and "2 face" at!? "Koi kogarete" should not be part of a medley, that shit should be a standalone performance. Ayaka already threw half of the game into the Yokohama bay with her Unplugged set. But given Beni's current surprise success and hold on the charts, she may be the one for wig washing up on the shore come May 23rd.

Whilst the tracklist isn't great, Beni's performances are strong. The one thing I can never take away from Beni is that she shows vocal growth with each tour and album she does. And whilst the music may not always get better, her vocals do. Some of the performances she gave during this Unplugged set shitted all over the album versions. One of my faves being "Darlin'". Beni ran circles around it and was on top form from start to finish. Crystal better do suttin'.

Two artists I demand to drop an Unplugged album are Crystal Kay and Hikaru Utada. I want Hikaru to shoot me the f**k down and leave me dying with an acoustic performance of "Passion" so badly.

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  1. For whatever reason I want her to succeed.

    I hope with the higher sales they give her some higher quality music composers to work with.

  2. To the above, completely agreed. DOWN WITH DAISUKE IMAI.

  3. love it, and yaaaaasss to C'kay someday

    Utada not so much,her live voice is wack and weak

  4. Utada has an MTV Unplugged set, but it's from like 2001 so no Passion. The whole set was on Youtube, last time I checked.

  5. @Anon Utada's a hit or miss really. When she's on her A game she's great. Most of her televised performance sound great. It's usually during her concert tours where she sounds rough. She has poor vocal technique, so doing large shows where she sings a huge set list really takes a toll on her voice.

    1. Utada United was magnificent vocally, but hand anyone a two hour set-list and of course they're going to get hoarse.

    2. At Utada United she was great vocally for about half the tour, but there were some performances that were just cringe worthy (Be My Last, Colors). I know that a two hour set list would take a toll on even the greatest vocalist, but Utada Could benefit from some vocal training. When she sings notes in the upper 5th octave they sound strained. She's still my favorite artist regardless, and she makes the best of her voice.

    3. Truth.

      I don't think she has the lungs for songs like Be My Last where she sang them with like a two instrument backing. Her vibrato also shakes her off pitch, but I'm hesitant to say "fix it" because its what makes her voice unique.

  6. On the one had I'm glad for Beni because she's kind of the underdog and I want her to succeed even though I don't really listen to her but on the other seeing CK throw hot single after hot single out there and flop it annoys me that Beni is doing better :/
    Definitely need an unplugged album from CK at some point and Even Ayu (though I know she isn't vocally everybody's taste) and YES J, Did you see when Utada did a "Passion/Sanctuary" mashup for one of her shows in London??? it was EPIC.


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