Music video: Chris Brown - Turn up the music

This wife beating n***a has an attitude which smells like a wheelie bin at the end of a bank holiday weekend. But he brought it with the dancing in this video. Ain't nobody in the game putting it down like Chris Brown with the choreography. The moves were insane, but this n***a needs to stop with all the Michael Jackson biting. It was cool at first. But now Michael is turning in his grave and sweating out his weave over his shit cropping up in every music video and performance this boy does.


  1. His music sucks, and above all, he is a disgusting human being, and I'm not just saying that because he did the cat daddy on Rihanna's face. He has consistently shown child like behavior with his horrendously written tweets with a plethora of profanity and his temper tantrums in public. Not only that, he has demonstrated homophobia with his involvement in that Raz-B scandal. I personally think that he is fighting his own demons: He's probably attracted to men and in denial. It wouldn't surprise me considering the fact that he sounds like he has a large penis down his throat when he talks. Also, he has never shown remorse for what he did to Rihanna with his scripted apology and the slap on the wrist he received from the courts.

    1. :) me likey ERRRRRTHANG u had to say.

  2. His first performance at the Grammy's (can't believe they let this idiot perform twice) was whack. Nothing but Michael Jackson moves. Same ole' stuff we've seen over and over again throughout the years. It's not fresh anymore, it's just boring.


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