Single arts + tracklisting: Crystal Kay - Delicious na kinyoubi / Haru arashi | デリシャスな金曜日 / ハルアラシ

Crystal Kay - Delicious na kinyoubi / Haru arashi | デリシャスな金曜日 / ハルアラシ [CD + DVD] | Single artCrystal Kay - Delicious na kinyoubi / Haru arashi | デリシャスな金曜日 / ハルアラシ [CD] | Single art

Crystal Kay will be releasing her double A-side single "Delicious na kinyoubi" and "Haru arashi" ("デリシャスな金曜日" and "ハルアラシ") (which translate as "Delicious Friday" and "Spring storm" respectively) on March 14. Crystal will be supporting this release and her inevitable first studio album under Delicious Deli records with her intimate Crystal cafe 2012 tour in March, headlining the live charity event Unbreakable spirit in April and a promotional stop at the Apple store in Shibuya on February 29.

  1. Delicious na kinyoubi | デリシャスな金曜日 
  2. Haru arashi | ハルアラシ  
  3. Delicious na kinyoubi |  デリシャスな金曜日 (Instrumental)
  4. Haru arashi | ハルアラシ (Instrumental)

  1. Delicious na kinyoubi | デリシャスな金曜日 (Music video)
  2. Delicious na kinyoubi | デリシャスな金曜日 (The making of the video) 

The covers look a colour blocked mess. Crystal looks nice. But the framing, the poses, the font and the text placement make them look amateur and downright horrendous. Why Crystal Kay commissioned these CK5 era looking mess cover arts, I have no idea.


  1. These are some koi no ochitara rejects right here. I like her pose on the first cover, but the rest of the cover is so horrendous that it cancels her hotness out.

    The second cover is just awful all the way around. The pose makes her look bigger than she is, and she looks like one of the Happy Feet penguins.

  2. WTF... Her new label seem to be able to manage everything great EXCEPT cover images! If they give us some $2.00 lookin shit for the album cover i will kick AWF lol

  3. She looks like a cornball in both of those pictures. What the fuuuuuck?

    I would have much rather gotten more shots of her fat vagina in a pair of tight underwear again than this...

  4. Can't wait to get my hands on that single. Not much else I can say.


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