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This older, terminally ill sister to the Past < Future tour 2010 DVD cover is the cover for Namie's 10th studio album Uncontrolled.

Namie's album covers have always had something about them which made them pop. Uncontrolled just threw a traffic cone in front of a bitch and killed that streak. I really like this shot of her and what it signifies: her eclipsing other bitches (i.e Kumi Koda and Ayumi Hamasaki) with her first week sales. I just don't think it's strong enough for an album cover. And then to throw that nasty font on top and place it so badly. Deal broken. This is some final page of the inlay 'Thank you' section shit. Each of her single covers would have made a better album cover than this. "Break it" and "Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!" in particular. They even somewhat tie in with the album title. Although I'm sure a stan will defend this album cover and tie the album name with her hair blowing all over the place...uncontrolled. Suck it.

I've exhausted how little I'm looking forward to this album based on the lackluster singles. "Naked" and "Yeah-oh" were poppin' like strippers' p***ies on a payday Friday. But everything else has left me feeling emptier inside than Namie looks in music videos. A huge letdown given how from Queen of hip pop to Past < Future Namie was on a bulletproof run of releases.

Quality uncontrolled releases on the same day as Crystal Kay's Vivid. Namie will wipe the floor with her in sales, but my money is already with Crystal. I will buy her album on June 27th without the slightest of thought. But Namie? If she catches me in one of my 'I just need to spend money online on some shit I don't really want, but feel like I need right now moments' I might cop it. But that's a big might.

Mo' Namie: The full music video for "Only you" | Uncontrolled tracklist
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  1. I'm going to buy this album, but only for sentimental reasons. As long as the 3 new songs are hot I won't regret it. I'm still mad that she didn't include Higher, though.

  2. DickensDaughter28 May 2012 at 02:51

    meh...still not as bad her "break the rules" album cover...

  3. The music isn't grand, and I'll only buy it if I manage to snatch a job by its release; but I actually love the album cover.

    Maybe I'm not in a picky mood today.

  4. I like it, it's simple but beatiful done, just the font... kind of akward in there.

    When it comes to the album, well, i'll buy it, from amazon, yesasia, ebay or even travel to japan just to get it, but i will since i've lost some of the singles she's realeased lately, i like all the songs i've heard so far from this album (sit! stay! wait! down! is kind of weird, too much autotune, but i still have the beat on my heat).

    From what her 20th anniversary concert tickets sale says to me, this album will freaking put Crystal's sales to shame... 20.000+ tickets sould out in 5 minutes... WOW.

    Good luck to Namie!

  5. The picture is beautiful but for me it's too ethereal to signify anything uncontrollable and the font is messily placed and looks more like the kind you'd see on a barbie box than a Namie Amuro album...
    I'm really disappointed with Namie and this project, everything up to "Past<Future" was mostly amazing...
    It's just another sign of Avex slipping, they need to get their act together fast.

  6. I think I'll just make a fanmade album cover for my itunes as I did with "Checkmate".
    Kumi definitely won the "best album covers of the year" award. "Japonesque" may have been terrible music wise, but those album covers were tastefully executed. The best I've seen in years.

    I actually prefer the CD only version cover of "Uncontrolled" (which just surfaced today) her eyes are closed and her head is shifted slightly to the left.


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