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Angela Aki - Blue | Album art

Angela Aki's baby has been sucking her titties dry for the past 6 months and home girl is hungry...for wigs. She barely has a single out the door and already she's got that album release locked down for July 18. This could be a huge risk. Because this doesn't give her a great deal of time to promote it. But what it could mean is that despite not selling amazingly well in its first week, Blue could stick around in the charts, selling steadily from July right the way into 2013, during which she'll be headlining festivals and also be embarking on a national tour.

It's too much of a trend in Japan that an artist drops an album, get most of their sales in the first week and then fall out of the charts because there is no promotion, no future singles lifted from the album and no music videos. And despite an artist touring not long after, this is often all geared towards the promotion of a tour DVD as opposed to the album the tour is supporting.

This western style of approach to Angela's album release timing sounds healthier sales wise and could really help her. It certainly seemed to work for Beni's Covers. I just hope we still continue to get singles and music videos after the album releases. Pushing singles after an album has released needs to be a thing now. Especially in an era of declining album sales. F**k the haters crying that it will mean music videos get left off of special CD + DVD editions of albums.

SHAT! I've not even said what I think of the album art. I f**king love it. It's some Super Mario Bros. 3, Guardian heroes looking shit. I can't even hate on Angela not giving me heels. Because her Chuck Taylor's give the album cover an added level of quirk. I'm hoping this whole blue colour theme continues on from what it brought us for Songbook. I'm not even close to tired of talking about how great that album was. And shout outs to Angela for her on point figure. Back in shape and all she did was sit her ass at a piano. Gym and diet grinding bitches can stay mad.

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  1. What more can I say at this point? I love the cover, Angela looks great, and the chuck taylors are her trademark so I cant be mad lol. I love how my faves are serving up that j-pop goodness right now. Crystal has yet to drop the ball, and now Angela is coming correct. It's like they're both getting a much needed re-vamping. Namie has been slacking a little, but she did manage to bring the hotness with yeah oh. All I need now is Utada to announce that her hiatus is over.


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