Single art: Angela Aki - Kokuhaku

Angela Aki - Kokuhaku | Single art

Angela is giving me leg, she's giving me on trend fashion, she's giving me new weave, she's giving me Storm from X-Men style shit with the papers flying everywhere. I love this single cover. It's so 80's vinyl.

"Kokuhaku" will feature as the new theme to the anime adaptation of Chūya Koyama's Uchū kyōdai, better known in the west as Space brothers. The live action film released not long ago and the anime has been seeing a recent surge in popularity, so this is a great look for Angela to have her lead single tied to the franchise as a whole.


  1. Music featured in Anime sells; I want Angela to sell well again so bad.

    I want this BLUE shit to go million and leave kuu/ayu dizzy.

  2. "Storm from Xman" You made me LOL!

    ^ She puts those bitches to shame any day when it comes to talent!

  3. Motherhood has impacted her well. I love this cover. I actually prefer this one over the actual album cover.

    I hope her next album is on par with "Answer". That is my favorite album of hers.

  4. Love this single cover. Definitely my favorite from her. It's seems like Motherhood has given her a new creative streak. I hope this transfers to the quality of her music as well. She needs something new and fresh, or her sales will continue to decline.

  5. I've never actually listened to her music but this cover is really cool and vibrant.


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