Namie names her 11th studio album after the one thing she's unable to do. Feel.

Namie names her 11th studio album after the one thing she's unable to do. Feel |

Namie Amuro will be dropping a new album this Summer. This is 150%. Ain't no joke. Home girl is slating that album to drop soon. It will be titled Feel, which sounds like a mess to me, but so did Uncontrolled. Especially when we all know that Namie doesn't look like she can 'feel' anything and is as 'controlled' as they come. But, whatever. No release date has been confirmed at time of writing, but with the Summer window being confirmed, we should have it by August. September the latest.

Namie has shot a PV for her frequent flyer anthem "Contrail" which should hit Space shower within the next few weeks. I imagine the video is going to look like "Only you" part 2, except with a weaker soundtrack - because I straight up have no love for the song. The shot above is taken from the set of the video.

I've not liked any song I've heard from Namie post "Damage". My anticipation for this new album is subterranean. I couldn't care any less about it if I tried. The Namie fan in my is fighting it though and hoping that the album material will be so good and compensate for the shittastic singles. But the pessimist in me who doesn't want his heart broken is not getting his hopes up.

I really do hope that Namie takes my advice and titles her next best album Les Namiserables.

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  1. Judging by the singles, this album will be shit. I'm disappointed in Namie. I was hoping that if she did plan on retiring she would bow out while still being at the top. At this rate, she's going to drive her Legacy into the ground and Join Ayu at the bottom of the charts.

  2. I love this article! And someone hook me up with one of those chairs please!

  3. I Just Want To Sit In That Chair.

  4. tbh, i was only slightly dissapointed with uncontrolled. it still had a few songs that were enjoyable and were good to lsiten to. hopefully avex gives her a good song roster like they did with past<future that i'll be able to groove along to.

    big boys cry wasn't a shit single and would have been great if she had had a fine video & dance to go along with it. hopefully she picks up her game with this album and goes back to be being the queen that can stamp out kumi & ayumi's album sales combined.

    but really, the fans love her anyway to the moon and back, so they'll give her the album sales even if she does 0% promotion and she'll continue to be the queen.

  5. what a great photo, her innocent smile makes it perfect

  6. LOL! like Namie care if she hit the bottom the 2nd time around, Ayu Hamasucki is the only one who tries hard to get back on the game!

  7. After listening to the preview of her new track "Alive" during the teaser video, I became slightly more hopeful. Many people felt the singles from "PLAY" were trashtastic but they ended up loving the sh*t out of that album once it dropped.

    Btw, the tracklist is out and Beautiful and Damage are not listed on it. *cheers*

  8. That picture had me in a fit of giggles for like 10 minutes in the middle of a lecture!

  9. rochelle.bernard968 June 2013 at 08:35

    Les Namiserables...


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