Janelle Monae gets money from Pepsi and prepares to cash some cheques with Kimbra in Australia

Janelle Monae, Pepsi & Kimbra | Random J Pop

It's taken a while, but the wattage is finally cranking up for the electric lady. After a performance at American idol, a song on the Rio 2 film soundtrack, a spot during Outkast's headlining comeback set at Coachella and her partnership with Cover girl, Janelle Monae is now a part of Pepsi's global footbal campaign; lending her cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" to the cause and appearing in the TV commercial. The song is currently available for download on iTunes and Google play. So there's none of this featuring a new song and then not letting people hear it or download it for years shit like what Beyoncé did with "Grown woman".

Okay, So Janelle doesn't feature heavily in this commercial. She isn't popping her pussy in a room of mirrors and she doesn't start singing the song until the Pepsi logo is pretty much on the screen at the end of the commercial, but this is still some serious promo and she's getting crates of money from Pepsi regardless.

Janelle has also announced a joint store with Kimbra of "Somebody that you used to know" fame. After the two songstresses met at the Montreux Jazz festival they hung out, bonded, had a jam session and fan-girled together over their love of Prince. So the two figured 'Hey, we get on. We like the same shit. Here's a crazy idea... why not tour together!?'

Here's a sample of what fans can expect from The golden electric tour which kicks off on May 16.

Before any Namie Amuro fans starts talking about how these ladies copied your fave - never forget that "Rock steady" was originally performed by Aretha Franklin. Get it right.

I love Kimbra, but Janelle was owning this whole damn set. When she hit those notes on "Rock steady" she blew the door wide open for Kimbra to sneak out unnoticed. Still, the energy between these women was indeed 'electric'. I would love it with we got a digital joint EP from these ladies at some point.


  1. The first time in the history of "Curaga" that somebody died.


  2. Wow. What god should I sacrifice my firstborn child to so that I can make it to just one of their concerts? The level of awesome is just...

  3. Ugh, I need to see this in HD. Where are those BD rips at XD


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