Music video: Liz - All the boys

I have a soft spot for Liz. She's a throwback Britney loving, *NSync fan-girling, Sailor moon stanning chick doing R&B meets Garage style jams, dressing like Age ain't nuthin' but a number Aaliyah in music videos and dropping music videos that look like they were shot in the late 90's on a really tight budget. Bless her jersey wearing soul.

"All them boys" isn't my favourite song off of Liz's Just like you EP, but it's the best song for Liz to do promo with. Of all the songs on her EP, it's the one which sounds the most different to everything else being put out in the West right now, with the exception of the UK's Katy B. I can imagine this song being picked up and used by TV shows. Just watch how season 2 of Looking features this jam in a club scene. I would not be surprised if UK radio stations starting spinning this and Liz caught a bit of a following over here, as this type of sound gets a lot of cut through on mainstream UK radio.

If I were Liz, I'd hit up her label founder Diplo for another 50 dollar advance to shoot a video for "Turn around". It would be nothing but her sat on a bench at an outdoor inner city Basketball court side as sweaty dudes in Jordans play ball and some young black girls do jump rope on the grass. There would be lots of lens flares and slo mo shots. It would look like it was shot on Instagram. But it would be something.

EP review: Just like you


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