Hikaru Utada performs "Tomodachi" on Japanese national television and becomes Queen of the gays

Hikaru Utada performs "Tomodachi" on Japanese national television and becomes Queen of the gays | Random J Pop

Fantôme is the album that keeps on giving ya'll. From the surprise that a new album from Hikaru Utada was even in existence, to it featuring way more bops that we ever thought, to the collaborations, to the subject matter. Hikaru won't let Fantôme rest until our scalps are as clean as Piccolo's from Dragon Ball Z.

When the track listing for the album was revealed, no one really had anything to say about "Tomodachi". Why would we? We all know that the word 'Tomodachi' is Japanese for 'Friend'. But Hikaru Utada shocked the nation and the Hikki fandom by opening up about the perspective from which the song was written. The song itself is about unrequited love. No big deal. However, "Tomodachi" is written from the perspective a gay falling for their friend. Now, I have questions.
  • Is Hikaru Utada a low key lesbian?
  • Is the song written about Kyoko Fukuda catching feelings for Hikaru?
  • Where Francesco's ass at!?

Get into Hikaru's debut performance of the gay bop below.

Firstly, let me tell you how in fucking love I am this song right here. Spin this shit in a club and watch every hip roll the second the chorus drops.

Hikaru Utada has always been an advocate for the LGBT community. Something that believe it or not an artist can be without dropping a song based on Ballroom, House or having men dance topless in heels in a music video. But someone (one 'fan' in particular) felt that Hikaru Utada was appropriating gay culture and playing up a trope by writing a song about gay unrequited love. But Hikaru Utada was quick to gracefully clap back when this person tried it on Twitter. Seemingly outing herself in the process and giving everybody yet another reason to love her in the midst of what has been a daily bundle snatching for the past 2 weeks straight.
What makes you think I'm "straight" boo? | Random J Pop

Now, this by no means insinuates that Hikaru is a lesbian. I interpret her What makes you think I'm "straight" as meaning that she doesn't label herself and never had. I have always gotten the feeling that Hikaru is comfortable within herself as a human being and isn't hung up on sexuality, whether its her own or somebody elses. Hikaru has always struck me as the kind of woman who could suck a dick on a Monday, eat pussy on a Wednesday, go on a date with a dude on Friday night and have him be a boyfriend by Sunday whilst still whatsapping Wednesday's pussy out of courtesy. Unfazed. I bet she'd even let Francesco hit some bussy if he wanted to.

Hikaru ain't got time for nobody's labels.

Meanwhile the appreciative gays were placing Hikaru Utada on the mantle as their newly inaugurated LGBT Queen and fixing playlists like...

Skaykaru Queentada | Random J Pop

Bye Lady Gaga.