Girls aloud star Nadine makes a comeback with her gay unemployment anthem "Go to work"

Nadine Coyle - Go to work | Random J Pop

From the very beginning of UK pop 5 piece Girls aloud it was clear that there were 2 potentials who would outlive the group. Nadine and Cheryl. It's difficult to say who was 'the Beyoncé' of the group, as combined they were 'the Beyoncé'. Nadine was the voice in the group and got the most parts. Cheryl had the star quality and often got the most memorable lines in the songs.

But Cheryl would be the one who would go on to have the biggest career, with scandals to her name, number 1 hit singles, stints as an X-Factor judge, a contract with L'Oréal, a marriage to a well known football player and now being married to a member of One direction; she got swept in a near perfect storm. Nadine meanwhile attempted solo stardom in 2010, which could not have flopped harder if it were encased in cement. The album was dead on arrival, crawling into the UK album charts at 47 and being released through Tesco. For those reading this from the States, imagine if Key food had a record label. Yep. Bitch released her album exclusively through a supermarket chain that ain't even Walmart.

It didn't help that her lead single was pretty bad. Nadine seemed to want to move as far from the Girls aloud sound as possible, opting not to work with the songwriting and production team Xenomania who were responsible for all of Girls aloud's material. Nadine also had nothing to her outside of Girl's aloud to help propel her career. Nadine was known for being in Girls' aloud, but not much else aside from being in a real life relationship with the guy that Eva Longoria's character was fucking on the side in Desperate housewives. So for the general public, her solo career came out of nowhere. Unlike Cheryl who by the time she released her solo single was well known across the country as she was always in the tabloids.

Right. Let's talk about the song.

Thankfully she's seen sense this time around, opting to work Xenomania, who of course know her best. Deciding to do something which sounds different from Girls aloud, but not so left field and out of touch that Girls aloud fans can't latch onto it. Girls aloud were known for good pop records first and foremost and that's exactly what Nadine's new single "Go to work" is. The sound is of a 90's / Tropical house vibe that has pretty much been dominating UK radio and also K-Pop for the past year, so it's far from fresh. But it works. The lyrics are on a "No scrubs" vibe and I can't resist a man-hating song about a no good deadbeat, so...

Gat. Ga-ga-gat. Gat. OW! | Random J Pop

So even if there's not much to Nadine as far as being a personality and tabloid magnet goes, at least this time around she has a strong single. Bitch, go to WERK with your gay unemployment anthem.

"Go to work" is a full Xenomania team effort, being co-written by Xenomania signee's Florrie and Sarah Thomson, both of whom contribute guitars and vocals to the track respectively. Production is handled by Xenomnia founder Brain Higgins alongside production duo The Commands.