Perfume take their Tully's coffee the void that has become their careers

Perfume x Tully's coffee | Random J Pop

Part of being a J-Pop fan is accepting that your fave will whore themselves out for a brand. In the beginning they will put their face to and on everything. (Low key missing the keitai boom when every bitch was giving me flip phone commercials). But as time goes on and they're able to rely less on product tie-in's, and cash in on their own brand worth as leverage, they're able to be more selective and partner with brands that make sense to their overall image and aesthetic.

Then there's Perfume. Who are happy to be the face of everything. The product tie-in's don't always make immediate sense. But the TV commercials for their product tie-in's are usually presented entirely in a Perfume aesthetic. So it feels like you're watching a Perfume music video with some product placement, more than a commercial about the product itself.

But this coffee shit? Really bitch!?

First or all, Tully's coffee is like the ho'iest ho of all of the coffee brands. Because every artist in J-Pop has been the face of this brand at some point. Even Crystal Kay, back when she was barely poppin'. That's when you know Tully's be asking anybody. So this shit isn't even special. And the commercial is basic. Really, really basic. You ain't getting no cute set like that Panasonic washing machine commercial or bomb ass editing like that Panasonic TV commercial. Just some budget looking Game of thrones shit, inter-cut with shots of coffee beans.

Either Tully's are strict on their whole vibe and aesthetic not changing for any bitch. Or Perfume's team were like 'Fuck it', let's just serve them "Mugen murai" and call it a day.

I was definitely living for Nocchi giving me a Daenerys moment. Also, the dresses don't look completely horrendous, mainly because they're obscured by coffee beans water, flames and we can't see the shoes - which are probably garbage, like they always are. But this isn't a memorable commercial. It doesn't sell Perfume and it doesn't sell the coffee. And for it to not even feature a song of theirs? Although given the recent quality of Perfume's music and that we've heard half of Future flop already at this point, I guess we should be grateful that it doesn't. Is anybody really trying to hear Perfume sing a song about making a cup of coffee over some basic ass Future bass beat? Okay. So maybe we are. BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT.

Seriously. What has happened to Perfume's aesthetic? It's become so inconsistent and bland over the past couple of years. Their visuals is what made me a fan alongside the music. The two were so synonymous and sold one another. Now, we're barely getting decent videos and the songs are shit. Another sign that the components that make up Perfume's shit are far too intertwined and reliant on one another, to the point where if one part of the Perfume machine isn't bringing it 100%, then it fucks up everything else.

There may not be many obvious great concepts that you could do for a coffee commercial. But that's why Perfume have the team that they do. To develop great visual concepts out of anything and everything. So for us to get this dead ass commercial that nobody will remember and with no new song tied to it, I have to wonder what the point in it was. It's lazy. But Perfume's shit has been lazy for a while, so I guess there's something to be said for consistency if nothing else.