Perfume performing their Game bop "Take me, take me" in 2018 vs. 2008

Perfume performing their Game bop "Take me, take me" in 2018 vs. 2008 | Random J Pop

Perfume held a special one off concert with one of their trademark ever-long names that I'm almost certain a-chan came up with: P.T.A. hossoku 10-shuunen!! to 5-shuunen!!, where they performed some old songs that I genuinely never thought I'd ever see Perfume perform again and a couple of songs that I don't think I've ever seen Perfume perform in their entirety before. OH HI THERE "HURLY BURLY" AND "THE BEST THING".

When I first listened to Perfume's music, I didn't like it for shit. The first album I'd heard of theirs was Game, and at this point Triangle was already out and there were no singles or music videos out from what would become JPN. I was a bit hard on Game initially. But once I started to warm to Perfume and truly 'get them', I went back to it in retrospect and grew to like it much more. A song that I'd always liked from the get-go was "Take me, take me". One of the sexiest and downright suggestive songs that Perfume had ever done. They would NEVER record anything like it now. The song also had itself a little sexy chair routine. Back in the day, Perfume had performed "Take me, take me" quite a few times and killed it each time. Perfume were at peak sexy during Game, which is when their style was probably at its most fashionable and their sound was at its edgiest - "Polyrhythm" and "Chocolate disco" withstanding. But even so, these songs are edgy comparatively to the likes of "Mirai no museum", "Hold your hand" and "Tiny baby". Fast forward 10 years to the girls sound being mostly bright and kawaii as fuck, and their signature style now being super sentai outfits, and them performing "Take me, take me" just seems weird. But they fucking did it. And it looks as bizarre as you probably imagine it does.

Their outfits are fucking horrendous. Not only were they absolutely atrocious, but it was obvious that they were in one of their signature over-dresses that they wear over another outfit for quick changes in-between songs. So they were moving a lot more stiff and rigidly than they normally would.

I genuinely wonder how Perfume feel about this song and its choreography now. 

It's decidedly different from the Perfume routines that we get now, which are more about lines, shapes, formations and awkward movements which aren't the most natural. Perfume themselves have said that these are the types of routines that they have a preference for when their choreographer Mikiko gives them options, because they like the awkwardness and the challenge of pulling them off. They just don't seem as into the choreo as they used to be and aren't really giving anything. Back in the day, even a-chan used to serve a little s'um with her wedge heels and maternity moo-moo's.

I love how sometimes they don't even bother singing into the microphones and that 10 years on their sound team is still just popping in the Game CD and pressing play on track 8.

Granted. Their outfits here were hardly 100 on the sexy scale, but the girls at least gave us something. Kashiyuka and Nocchi genuinely looked like they wanted somebody to take them that night.

It would make sense that the girls would seem more at ease with the routine before they started moving more into their signature routines that we know now. That style of movement must be embedded in their DNA by this point. But with that said, Perfume's Tik tok videos show that the girls can move fluidly and give us waist, chest and booty. So it's not like they're incapable of dancing any other way and can't serve for the "Take me, take me" routine. I mean...all they're doing is walking around chairs and beckoning with their finger for a man to take their punani.

I'll take what I can get with Perfume at this point. So I'll just be glad that they bothered to perform a song from Game that I like. Their recent tour setlists only ever seem to acknowledge "Polyrhythm", "Chocolate disco" and "Dream fighter" from their earlier shit.