Random J Pop playlist: Gei-Pop | a J-Pop Pride playlist

Random J Pop playlist: Gei-Pop (a J-Pop Pride playlist) | Random J Pop

My first Pride playlist featured a selection of Western Pop songs. But with this being a site that also covers J-Pop from somebody who listens to far more J-Pop than Western Pop, it only seemed right to do a Pride playlist comprised of J-Pop.


The songs in this playlist aren't necessarily 'gay anthems' that are in rotation in Shinjuku Ni-chōme and the queer spots up and down Japan, but they could easily be considered gay or gay adjacent in some form. It's just a fun, campy playlist that you can drop, pop and twirl a rainbow flag to.

Unfortunately, there is no Namie Amuro on Spotify. So there's no "Taiyou no season", "Want me, want me" or "Heaven". But there is some Hikaru Utada, some Ayumi Hamasaki, some Crystal Kay, and of course, some Kumi Koda.

So get your wine bottle ready.

🎧 Stream it on Spotify: Gei-Pop: a gay as hell J-Pop playlist

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