Random J Pop special edition: MiChi - Dreaming Out Loud

Random J Pop special edition: MiChi - Dreaming Out Loud | Random J Pop

I don't need much of a reason to talk about MiChi (real name Michiko Sellers), but it's always nice to have one. As I was wondering what the next special edition should be, it hit me that it's been a while since I posted anything music related from MiChi, given that she's pretty much given up on music commercially. But every now and then she graces us with an Insta post that reminds us of that point in her life when she was a Pop star. She's become rather taken to giving us videos of her performing some of her songs on her guitar, which resulted in this exchange between us.

So if MiChi drops an acoustic album, y'all know I was an uncredited executive producer.

MiChi's debut album Up to you is one of my favourite Pop albums and one that I play songs off of regularly. And whilst I didn't fall for Therapy quite the same way, it still has some brilliant songs which haven't left my playlists since 2012. But there were songs that were singles, B-sides and Indie release which were really good fucking songs. So I decided to put them together on a makeshift studio album that we ain't gon' get.

This is no way a shortlist of my favourite MiChi songs. There are MiChi songs that I fucking adore which aren't here. I of course like every song on this, but it's more of a short cohesive snapshot into MiChi with selected picks across her discography that I felt worked together.

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  1. Wonder Woman (T.O.M Remix)
  2. All About The Girls ~Iijyanka Party People~
  3. Why oh Why
  4. Perfect World
  5. Dance Dance!
  6. Life Clock
  7. All I Know
  8. Promise (Smart Sports Version)
  9. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! (Remix)
  10. Together Again
  11. One
  12. Journey
It's a shame that MiChi decided to step away from music and that Sony didn't do much to support her. I've been very vocal on my feelings about Crystal's looks being a massive contributing factor as to why she's not had the level of success she deserves after almost 20 years in music and I feel with MiChi it was a similar thing. Neither of them looked 'Japanese enough'. Crystal looked to black and MiChi looked too 'other'. It annoys me greatly that record labels continually let good artists slip through their fingers, because MiChi was releasing some of the best Pop music in Japan at the time and to this day it still holds and sounds fresh. MiChi and her producer partner in crime Tomokazu Matsuzawa were a force to be reckoned with. She was in her own lane musically and now she is in her own lane personally, living life and figuring it out without the pressures of having to sell records. As a fan, I'm happy for her. But if she ever decides to return to music, I'mma be right here.

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