Jessie Ware releases a new song "Ooh La La", that's she barely on

Jessie Ware releases a new song "Ooh La La", that's she barely on | Random J Pop

Jessie Ware's 4th studio album What's Your Pleasure? has suffered a delay. BIG SURPRISE. But it's not a huge one. The album was due on June 5th, but has been bumped back a couple of weeks June 19th. Jessie replied to a fan who fell into her Insta comments asking about the delay and she blamed it on Miss Corona's messy ass. But I do have to wonder about that, given that her album was always slated for June and the delay is only by 2 weeks.


Jessie has a new song out to help soften the blow of the delay and it's called "Ooh La La".

Many will probably compare the sound of this song to Dua Lipa, given that it's also Disco and Funk driven, just as Dua's hit singles "Don't Start Now" and "Break My Heart" were. But let us remember that Duolingo did not invent this sound, and that many artists were doing and have BEEN doing it. She was just one (of many) whom happened to take off with it.

"Ooh La La" is a good song. A great one. But if I were to hear it on the radio, I would never guess it was Jessie Ware. Jessie's vocals are buried into those of the backing vocalists. Only during the end just Jessie emerge. But if this were playing on radio, the DJ woulda already punched the button for the radio stinger before you get to hear her.

It's an interesting choice of song to go for at a time when she's trying to promote a new album and what could be considered a comeback. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing. It certainly sounds like a hit, regardless of whether you can hear her (you can't) or not (barely). But its a risk as an artist to put out a song which isn't clearly distinguishable as being sung by you.

She's definitely going to need to give this a music video.

Oh, wait.

I'm still pissed that "Spotlight" aka Song of the year didn't do all the things it deserved to.

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