Kumi Koda announces her 20th anniversary tour, 'My Name Is...'

Kumi Koda announces her 20th anniversary tour, 'My Name Is...' | Random J Pop

It's the 20th anniversary of Kumi Koda's career. So of course she's doing what every J-artist does. She's holding live shows. The show is called Kumi Koda My Name Is... and trailer ends with an interesting quote 知らないと言われるより嫌われていたい。Which roughly translates to I would rather be hated than not be known. This feels pointed. Is Kumi creeping on the blog?

The shows are scheduled for September, which is wild given that this is not even 2 months away and we're still in a pandemic. A post has gone up on Kumi's website stating that precautions will be taken, that venues will operate at half capacity. I think this tour should be pushed back to 2021.

Kumi Koda also appears to be doing two shows a day. A full on 2 hour stage show, twice a day!? She did this same thing for her (RE)Live tour. I guess this is her thing now. She crazy. So crazy.

Dates below, followed by a link to the official website for all the latest info on the tour.

Saturday, September 12 @ Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Sunday, September 13 @ Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)

Sunday, October 4 @ Marine Messe Fukuoka

Saturday, October 10 @ Nippon Gaishi Hall

Saturday, December 5 @ Yoyogi National Gymnasium
Sunday, December 6 @ Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Kumi is a good live performer, but as is the case with her music, her shows often feel like the kitchen sink and like she's just pulling from other people's shit and not even trying to make it her own. I've seen shows where she's tried to pull an Ayu, pull a Beyoncé, pull a Katy Perry, pull a P!nk. So I can't help but look into the camera when I see 'Queen of Live' in her 20th anniversary tour logo.

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