Crystal Kay's full discography is finally available on Spotify worldwide

Crystal Kay's full discography is finally available on Spotify worldwide | Random J Pop


Crystal Kay's full discography is now available on Spotify worldwide!

A whole bunch of Sony Music Japan releases were made available on streaming earlier this week, but the only one I releases I cared about (aside from Meisa Kuroki's) were Crystal Kay's...and her shit wasn't there. But today, every single one of her albums and physical single releases is there.

Well...kind of.

There are quite a few songs missing. At time of writing there is no "Lost Child", "Ex-Boyfriend", "Itoshiito", "I Can't Wait", "It's a Crime" or "Kirakuni". Spin The Music has been turned into an EP. And the Flash EP is available, but the title track isn't. And there are more besides. I shoulda known CK would get bamboozled somehow. It's a real shame, because it's a mix of singles, songs she's known for, and cuts that would sit well with Western audiences. Not a single one of the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis cuts!?

Wow. could be worse. We could still be where we were a few days ago and not have anything. But hopefully as time goes on, Crystal team will figure shit out and find ways to make the unavailable songs available again. Maybe by 2030 they will be. Maybe by then we'll have Crystal's covers album too.

At present there's no sign of CK's Sony catalog on YouTube Music or Apple Music. Hopefully this will change too. Many artists don't fuck with YouTube Music, but Apple Music? CK's team gon' need to get the discography over there.

Let us rejoice, as it now also means that my Crystal Kay playlists are no longer 80% greyed out.

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