Perfume shake some pum-pum and pom pom's on TikTok

Perfume shake some pum-pum and pom pom's on TikTok | Random J Pop

It's been a minute since we've seen Perfume giving us the moves on TikTok, but they're back at it. Giving us a little cheerleader routine in outfits which didn't look absolutely horrendous, with pumps that match the outfit, and Nocchi in a skirt - all things we rarely ever get from Perfume.

We rarely get good music either.


The song Perfume were dancing to is Sakanaction's "Shin Takarajima". (Their 2019 album 834.194 is really good by the way. I may actually review it at some point). The dance moves and even the pom poms are lifted straight from the "Shin Takarajima" music video, which is a reference to a variety show performance from Japanese comedy group The Drifters, which you could argue Perfume's own "Fushizen na Girl" bears some light resemblance to.

This style of music is one that I'd actually like to hear Perfume do. They always have such a fun time during Perfume FES, where they take every opportunity to perform with J-Rock acts. It'd be great to hear them drop a song or two with a J-Rock edge. It's really not hard to hear them on a song like "Shin Takarajima". Nakata Yasutaka has the range. But whether he can be bothered to show it another matter entirely. Yes, other producers can step up to the plate and absolutely do the damn thing, but we know Perfume ain't ever putting out an album that isn't produced entirely by Yasutaka.

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