Footage of Crystal Kay's Xmas 2020 May 2021

Footage of Crystal Kay's Xmas 2020 May 2021 | Random J Pop

We are in May of 2021. And only now do we get official footage of Crystal Kay's lil' Christmas performances at bars in 2020. And the video description states that this video will only be available for a limited time.



For CK fans who were not aware, Crystal Kay did a few small gigs at Billboard venues as part of her Crystal Xmas 2020 tour (if you can even call it a tour), and we finally get to see professionally filmed footage of it.

I'm looking at those in attendance packed closely together, with only a few wearing masks, like 'If y'all coulda gazed into the future' because look at the COVID related mess which is happening in Japan right now. Infection rates going up like clubs in Atlanta, and vaccination rates slow like Bowser's 50cc acceleration. These performances shoulda been cancelled, but Crystal probably needed that coin more than Kumi Kovid, who 100% shoulda cancelled her large scale tour.

Crystal looked great. And sounded...good. The pitch wasn't perfect, and some notes were flat, but that's what 2020 deserved. I'm not sure if it was because she was a little out of practice by this point after a year of barely performing, or because we got a highlight reel of songs that for the most part are high throughout; something which would be shitty and a strain for even the best vocalists. But it's always good hearing and seeing Crystal perform live. She has such a great energy, and it's a shame that more of her performances aren't televised and / or released on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, Crystal still doesn't have a fully updated and maintained YouTube channel. It makes no sense. And her full discography still isn't available on YouTube Music. And when I was noseying around Apple Music, I couldn't find Color Change!, only to find it listed under 'Compilations' instead of 'Albums'.

Crystal. Honey. You need to get that damn digital team together.

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