A chunk of Perfume's discography is mysteriously removed from streaming services

A chunk of Perfume's discography is mysteriously removed from streaming services | Random J Pop

Believe it or not, I actually do listen to the playlists I make. So today I thought I'd put on my The Rest "P Cubed" playlist, and then noticed a whole bunch of the songs were greyed out. And when I checked Perfume's discography, Cosmic Explorer and Future Pop were gone.

I'm not gonna say good riddance and shade two of Perfume's worst albums dropping off streaming services, because having an incomplete discography on streaming services isn't the best look for any artists. Especially when they've just released a new song and are out and about promoting it.

In addition to Future Pop and Cosmic Explorer not being available, all of the singles from those albums are unavailable, as well as the standard edition of LEVEL3. P Cubed isn't showing under Perfume's discography on Spotify, but the album is still available to stream on the service if you search the album by name.

This doesn't appear to be a global thing however, as some fans on Reddit, Discord and Twitter are reporting that they can still see Perfume's full discography, whilst others cannot. At present it seems to be mainly affecting the UK and the US - which is leading me to believe that it's probabaly a licensing issue affecting distribution in certain countries. One I'm sure Perfume's team will sort eventually, although it's wild it slipped through the cracks and caused this to happen. Unless it was something out of the blue that nobody on Perfume's team saw coming.

In the meantime, stream "Polygon Wave" and all the old shit, I guess.

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